WordPress E-Commerce Vs Shopify For Dummies

There is a certain rise in online E-Commerce business nowadays. Many people tend to shop online rather than going to a mall and wait in the long ques. There are two major E-Commerce solutions that you can build your store on; WordPress and Shopify.


WordPress has long been viewed as a blogging platform that can be used as a shopping store by using e-commerce plugins like Woo Commerce. It has become a very popular e-commerce platform. WordPress and Shopify are both similar in their basic functionality. Their main target is the small sized and medium sized businesses and provides them comprehensive e-commerce solution with a tight budget. This article tends to point out key technical differences This article highlights their differences and investigates which one is better for new eCommerce users.

When selecting an online store, you should keep the following options in mind:

Financial plan – The underlying expense of beginning a completely useful internet business store.
Usability – It ought to be anything but difficult to utilize notwithstanding for outright apprentices.
Payment – It ought to have bolster for various installment strategies (e.g. PayPal, Stripe, other vendor processors).
Reconciliations – Number of administrations and outsider apparatuses you can coordinate to develop your business.
Versatility – The stage should have the capacity to scale as your business develops.


WordPress is a general purpose open source web application script mainly built using PHP and MySQL. Using WordPress, you can build any type of website but you need to get involved in a bit of technical stuff. It includes buying a hosting and domain, installing the WordPress, configuring the database and finally setting up the plugins required for shopping platform. WordPress has both free and paid themes available. This gives you a lot of flexibility while building a shopping store if you know the technical stuff. It feels substantially less difficult to rush on highlights and incorporations through applications than fiddling with module likeness in WordPress. The subject shop had what I needed for the beginning. Perhaps more could be made of the topic fashioners. Some simple method to interface with originators to create custom topics or increments to current ones.


Adding a payment method is quite easy and there are tons of plugins available which let you do so. PayPal and Google are great choices however it looks more expert to have a worked in choice.

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Shopify is specifically designed as an online store for the vendors to sell their products on. You can use Shopify to sell any kind of products. It has a wide variety of ready-made templates available, which you can use to build your online store. Shopify aims to provide a platform to users with less technical skills so that they can set up their own shopping store, without getting involved into coding stuff. But Shopify does provide an interface through which you can edit the front-end HTML and CSS. If you have the knowledge of these languages, you can edit the main design and theme of your Shopify store as you like. There are huge amounts of facilitated shopping solutions templates out there and a large number of them are extremely vigorous and reasonable. Advise yourself that your activity isn’t to deal with your E-Commerce software programming but to offer whatever it is you’re offering. The exact opposite thing you need is the product to get in your direction since you needed to spare two or three bucks. What’s more, make certain to watch that whatever arrangement you choose to give an attempt has a strong notoriety.


Shopify comes with a pretty much user-friendly interface. Dealing with your items, deals, and stock inside Shopify is a breeze.
One drawback of this guided, cleaned, and exceedingly advanced UI is that it constrains your control. You can just utilize the outline and advancement devices given by Shopify or add-ons accessible in their commercial center.


Key Differences:
• WordPress, being a general-purpose web application needs to be downloaded and installed on a hosting service. Which means you need to purchase additional hosting and domain.
• WordPress provides thousands of free and premium themes. It allows configuring these teams as you like.
• WordPress also allows you to edit its core functionality using hooks and filters (PHP).
• A lot of plugins are available to choose from.


• Shopify, on the other hand, does not need to be installed on a hosting provider as it can be set up on Shopify server which is a great relief for non-technical users. This is a paid service but comes with a 14-day free trial. The prices start at $9 per month. The features you get vary according to the price. A fully functional store comes in $79 per month.
• Shopify provides a dozen of free and almost 60 paid templates. These templates are very easy to edit and configure.
• It provides 24/7 customer support.
• It is self-hosted which has its own benefits and drawbacks. It means that while you do not get into technical stuff, you are also not getting the level of flexibility that an open-source software can have.


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Shopify and WooCommerce are both ground-breaking technologies to begin your eCommerce store. It genuinely arrives at your own abilities and inclinations.


Shopify is much less demanding for you to manage. It doesn’t expect you to introduce anything, and you can begin rapidly. Setting up a payment gateway is no headache, and they have straightforward evaluating plans.


The disservice of Shopify is that you don’t have full control over everything. Your expenses can run high with exchange charges, additional items, and reconciliations. Your redesign choices are constrained to choose plans, and you can’t oversee costs on pay as you develop premise.
WooCommerce is an open source and gives you full control of your site. It costs a considerable measure lower to begin an online store with WooCommerce uncommonly with these WooCommerce facilitating organizations.


The weakness is that you’ll need to keep up the product. It accompanies a touch of expectation to absorb information. In any case, a great many tenderfoots are as of now utilizing it, and they get over the learning stage rapidly.