Easy jobs you can do in the Gig Economy

Soooooo many jobs are out there that you can do….Why not start now from the easy ones? So here is a small list that we compiled:


Online store

Creating an online shop can bring you additional revenue easily and you can control your online store from home easily. Nowadays, online commerce can be set up quite easily and quickly by using several online web builders that handles everything such as Shopify, WordPress etc. You can create a drop shipping website in a matter of minutes.


Customer Service and Support

Many companies are currently outsourcing customer service tasks. This could be done through chatting, skype or phone calls. So you can be comfortable at your own bed and help a customer who is on the other side of the world.


Online Journalist/Blogger

A freelance journalist is one of the professions that can be done by everyone. You can report and/or write about any topic and get paid for it. Payment can be per article or per word.



Research Assistant

Various studies are constantly seeking participants. Companies often conduct outsourced customer surveys, research, focus groups etc. The research assistant’s duties may not be much rewarded, but it can be a small additional income alongside other income.


Web designer

If you manage the design and coding of your home pages, you really have good chances to do the same for others. The big companies today employ web designers to help design and publish their web pages and sometimes they prefer to outsource this work rather than keeping one full time.


Virtual Assistant Services

Many need an assistant in various administrative tasks. Especially smaller companies which may not be able to afford a full-time assistant, but in spite of this, they may need occasional assistance. If you have a management experience, you can provide your assistant services as an ad hoc service.



The proofreading of different texts is an excellent way to earn money from home, for example, for those who are native speakers of a native language. You can approach businesses directly by providing a spell checker service or search for business notifications and proofreading projects online.


Translation Services

If you know more than one or two languages, then you should offer translation services from home. Many companies operate not only in their country but also anywhere else in the world and they customise their services into different languages. This is where you would come in.


Remember to start small….but dream big 😊